Windshield Leak Repair

Windshield Leaking?

Let me share some common causes of wet floor boards / interiors:

1. Clogged sunroof drain tubes! Yep, there are tubes that run inside the roof from the sunroof opening and exit by the rear wheels that keep water from accumulating around the area of the sunroof and leaking into the car. When they clog up from dirt and debris the water finds its way down the pillars or drips from the sunroof opening. An easy fix for Lloyd's to handle and while we are at it we will lube and make adjustments to mechanisms so your sunroof works smoothly and seals properly!

2. Clogged cowl panel drains(black plastic below windshield where wipers rest) . This one is to hard to describe but the end result is water on your floorboard. Usually passenger side. What you really need to know is that Lloyd's knows how to identify and fix it.

3. The windshield seal is compromised! Leaks can start due to rust or a faulty installation. Lloyd's can figure it out and correct the problem regardless of the root cause.

We hope this helps! Call Lloyd's Glass today for your windshield leak repair in Destin at 850-243-1377.

Windshield Leak Repair

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